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Is Sola Scriptura Taught by the Bible Itself?
(Part 3 of 3)

Sola Scriptura – If So, So What?

1 John 2: “You (true Jesus-trusting truth believers) have an anointing from the Holy One (Jesus baptizes true believers with the Holy Spirit’s gifts of gospel-faith, gospel-knowledge, gospel-discernment of truth vs. falsehood), and thus all of you (ordinary Christians not just leaders or scholarly experts) already know the truth (that I and other apostles/authentic authoritative heaven-provided gospel-deliverers have taught). I do not write (this letter) to you because you do not know the (gospel) truth, but because you already do know it, along with the fact that no (antichrist antigospel) lie can come from the real truth. And who is that liar spreading such (antichrist antigospel) lies? Whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ – this is the antichrist who denies both the Father and the Son (rejecting Jesus as Christ God’s Son automatically rejects his Father as well since they must be taken together in tandem as a package set, not pick and choose of one but not the other.) No one denying the Son can possibly have his Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has his Father also (the complete full real true God – see Chp. 5).

As for you, see that what you have heard from the beginning (of your Christian faith originally from us reputable proven God-sent gospel-deliverers) remains in you.

If it does, you will also remain in the Son along with his Father. And this is what God has promised us (continuing true believers)- even eternal life.

I write these things to you (warning) about those leading you astray (antichrist antigospel). In your case the anointing (Jesus Christ’s baptism with the Holy Spirit) you received from God (all of God: Father to Son via the Spirit) still remains in you (by continuous faith and trust in God and his gospel truth in Christ), and thus you do not need anyone to reteach you (antichrists claiming to give you the whole full truth we failed to provide you originally when you became Christians by our evangelistic preaching). But as God’s true anointing (vs. false prophetic so-called ‘anointing’ of the antichrists) teaches you about all things (truly genuine gospel truths already learned from us originally bringing you to faith), and as that (original) anointing is real, not counterfeit (phony later add-ons by the antichrist pseudo-prophetic voices trying to deceive you astray) – just as it has already taught/informed/enlightened you, remain in him (God of truth: Father along with his Son via the Spirit).

Revelation 22:18: “I warn everyone hearing the words of this prophecy book: if anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues (deception, delusion, false antichrist counterfeit pseudo-gospel deviations/heresies) described in this book.” Not just text-tampering, but text-twisting, text-addendums, text-interpretives, text-informers, text-determiners, text-treatment contrary to original prophetic/apostolic intent/content/extent whether formal church-imposed or informal self-imposed.)

Yes, in context this deadly warning applies to just one book of the whole Bible – mess with it and God’s plagues will mess with you. But it was not revealed in isolation from the rest of God’s revealed Word from Genesis to Jude. In fact, Revelation quotes or alludes to more of Scripture that preceded it than any other book. As an integral part of God-breathing Theopneustos, this book is an organic outgrowth from God’s Word to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Prophets, Apostles and from the very mouth of Christ himself in the Gospels (see especially Kingdom Parables). Any textual or misinterpretive violence done to this book does violence to all by extension.

Attacking or defiling one part of the body (corpus) damages the entire body. It’s all for one and one for all. Messing with Revelation hardly leaves the rest of Scripture unscathed. James warns, ‘Whoever keeps the whole law yet offends in just one point is guilty of breaking all of it’ (like popping a balloon with large surface area at just one puncture point). Further, how does God himself feel about tampering with just this book? Serious enough to unleash heaven’s plagues on tamperers! Would he take any less kindly to messing with any of his other books that reservoir or channel Gospel Truth into it? Messing with just one part of one book messes with the whole book; messing with one book messes with part of God’s Word which messes with the whole of God’s Word and offends God Himself as author! Such plagues would just as readily apply to messing with Genesis, Psalms, John, Romans, etc.

Best not risk manhandling, messing, mutilating Heaven’s Own Truth incurring wrath and judgment from on high!

Conclusion: It is diabolic self-driven deception, delusion, and deviation to deny Sola (Intra) Scriptura. To embrace Extra Scriptura (Plus Ultra) falls into the enemy’s trap.

It renders all the preceding Scriptures cited/explained above and Biblical principles for righteous receipt of reliable revelation annulled, voided, unfulfilled, violable.

To claim Old Testament-plus-Apocrypha = Scripture ironically violates Scripture itself and God’s promise and prohibition about proper prophecy. To claim Hebrew Scriptures are not enough of heaven’s fixed Constitution without Hebrew or Greek(or other) fathers/voices/texts fails to fulfill Scripture itself. To claim New Testament needs extra-biblical fathers/voices/texts as heaven-ratified constitutional amendments fails the internal Scripture test. It defies the inspiring Holy Spirit and defiles one’s own spirit in eagerness to receive competing prophetic claims as full equal or even superior to the Spirit’s original permanent work.

Adding tradition or post-scriptural textings to the locked-in Bible is UNconstitutional. The Bible all by itself is not enough revealing from the Lord without adding further apostoloprophetic content? Without Paul’s or John’s or Peter’s express official written consent?

If Scripture is foremost relied on to approve extra-scriptural tradition by generic reference (unspecified apostolic word of mouth transmissions), that is a Sola Scriptura position (the Bible says it’s constitutional!). If extra-scriptural texts are foremost relied on to ratify specified post-apostolic amendments to the Constitution, that is Supra Scriptura (someone extrinsic external derivative over and above Scripture surpassing its intrinsic internal inherent authority).

There are two and only two choices for professing Christians basing their faith on the Holy Bible: Sola Scriptura or Supra Scriptura. Churches cannot have it both ways.

Churches using the Scriptures as prime final appeal to be the go-to go-ahead ratifier of tradition as enthroned official divine dogma are as unwittingly Sola Scriptura as churches using the selfsame Scriptures as prime final appeal to be go-to go-ahead disapprover toward its dethronement. Churches using extra-scriptural sources as prime final appeal are in fact Supra Scriptura. Professing Christians must decide for themselves who is their Chief Justice of God’s Supreme Court. Holy Scripture by itself or NOT by itself. Truth’s Throne is a monarchy, not a shared co-kingship. If Sola Scripture is on Truth’s Throne, absolutely nothing else can be. If anything else is on Truth’s Throne, absolutely anything else can claim divine right of kingship. It’s either Exclusiva Scriptura or Inclusiva Scriptura. Sola or Supra.

The Old Testament was fulfillable and fulfilled in the Ultimate Testator Christ Jesus as Word of the Father. Likewise, the New Testament is equally fulfillable and is being fulfilled in Christ via His Church through Heaven’s Spirit. God’s combined organically whole once for all finished settled fixed Testament of Holy Scripture is par excellence, sine qua non, sui generis, Verbum Dei Satis Est. Only what is written Genesis to Revelation is worthy of fulfillment by the Lord himself as he guaranteed. No add-ons, no further witness or extra testimony or teaching or tradition from apostles to Timothy or Apollos or Barnabas or Titus or any post-apostolic church leaders was allowed by the Holy Spirit as admissible evidence in his court of Law or Gospel. Any postscript P.S. to ScriptSure is positively Proscribed under penalty of plague (Rev. 22:18).

Jesus repeatedly testified, “It is written.” “Scripture says to you..” New Testament spokesmen for Christ repeatedly testified, “It is written.” “Scripture says.”

How valid is any claim from any source that any spokesperson could say of something other than Matthew – Revelation (or Genesis – Malachi): It is written, Scripture says, God’s Word declares, Thus speaks the Lord, This is the true transmission of and from heaven direct? Of all the post-biblical texts known extant, which rises to that level? Who says so? Does book of Revelation complete God’s final revealing of His Word or not? Are the Holy Scriptures through Revelation exclusive? Or inclusive of post-Revelation equally holy scriptures written by apostolic successors? Which successors? Peter’s? Andrew’s? John’s? Paul’s? When is the cutoff for God’s Written Word: 95 A.D.? One generation or two or several thereafter? If it is universally agreed that Canon of 27 N.T. books is closed and complete, why is it not so agreeable as to when the cutoff was for God’s Written Word beyond 95 A.D.? What exactly comprises further infallible inspired Christ-authorized re-revelation? Is this post-apostolic Word of God closed and complete or ongoing with still other successors’ successors of perpetual apostolic succession? Why was there no prophetic succession after Malachi keeping O.T. open? Or keeping the post-prophetic period 400 B.C. to John Baptizer open for further God’s Written Word to be incorporated as added holy scriptures and relied on by Christ & apostles & successors? When does God’s faucet turn off or the ink dry like Malachi closing the O.T.?

When is enough enough? If Malachi was God’s ‘Enough’ to close the Old Testament, why isn’t Revelation God’s ‘Enough’ to close the New? Who says so?

If Revelation version 1.0 is incomplete, what is Re-revelation 2.0? If every church agrees on 27 books for 1.0, what agreement is there on how many books for 2.0?

If it is truly from God as 1.0 is, we had better know for absolute certain! What’s to approve or stop Re-re-revelation 3.0, 4.0, ad nauseam??!? Are living prophets and apostles and their Christ-designated successors still speaking and writing God’s Word today (as many Charismatics, as well as LDS and cults, insist)? Tomorrow?

Until Christ returns? How can any modern Berean verify truth claims? What official church or apostolic authority did the God-fearing Jewish & Gentile convert Bereans have in vetting Apostle Paul? What is now included in Scripture to search with certainty as a sure Constitutional check/balance for believer-citizens to hold their government, church, leaders accountable?

The New Testament quotes God Himself every time it says “It is Written.” If a prophet said it, God gave the message to be relayed. If a prophet wrote it, it started as God’s message which He put into the author’s mind and heart through the Word of the Lord by the Spirit of the Lord.

After the New Testament was completed, its readers quote God Himself saying “It is Written.” If Jesus or an apostle or evangelist said it, God gave the message to be relayed. If they wrote it, it began as God’s message which He put into the author’s mind and heart through Christ by His Spirit.

If prophets and apostles spoke from God as propelled by the Holy Spirit, then they wrote what they spoke from God propelled by the Holy Spirit. All the Bible is given by All of God. Every word for word and letter for letter = “It is Written from God Himself.”

Sola Scriptura = Only the Bible quotes God “Thus says the Lord” = “Thus writes the Lord”. God composed the composers and authored the authors and worded the wording and messaged the messaging and texted the texting and Heavened the earthen. Apart from and exclusive of all other ancient or later or recent documents claimed as directly or indirectly apostolic or prophetic. Whatever cannot be quoted ‘It is Written’ from any source must be Bereanly compared and correlated to heaven’s own God-Standard for full Amen agreement in Spirit and truth from Christ the Logos of God.

If any piece, part or portion of the Bible stands correctible on any level, then contradicting Jesus’ own heavenly airtight guarantee, Scripture can be broken. Wherever actual errors, in fact, exist proven by data outside, beyond and above Scripture itself as superior corrective first flagging then fixing the mistakes of history, science or any truth domain as discovered and determined by those who would act as reviewers, raters, evaluators, appraisers, critics, proofreaders, editors, and amenders.

Modern experts and scholars self-assume the know-how and say-so to overrule and countermand the Bible as they see fit for all they can prove about it that just isn’t so.

Whereas the Lord Jesus insisted and assured that the Bible’s freshness and shelf-life always keeps without expiration date, now the Son of God can be found all wrong about a partly wrong book that doesn’t always keep unspoiled to remain ever fresh. Mere mortals must now decide (out of God’s hands!) with every chapter and verse: This is Written, That is Rotten. Here God says, There man strays. This is correct, That stands corrected. Leave this, Heave that. Trust this, Bust that. Keep this, Sweep that. This is Righteous, that is Wretcheous. Buy this, Deny that. This-Counts, that-Bounce.  This is Believed, that is Deceived. This is Gold, that is Mold.

Like this, Spike that. Carry this, Bury that. Where it’s Flawed, it’s not of God. This is Heaven, that is Leaven. This – Life’s Answer, that – Death’s Cancer.

That that is is, that that isn’t isn’t. This is Amen, that is Mammon. This – from Jesus, That – displeases. This is Worthy, that is Earthy. This Wins, that Sins.

This is Pure Truth’s Spirit, that Lies nowhere Near it.

Parable: His Majesty the King instructed two royal writers to prepare letters and official pronouncements for his kingdom subjects. He met personally with both writers and imparted to them precisely and specifically what he commanded to be written. For quality control and added protection, he meticulously read and reviewed each document for his express approval before any writing was dispatched throughout his kingdom. Once approved, he forbade any changes or alterations to be made to what had been written, approved, officially sealed and dispatched. The first writer did exactly what his lord the king had instructed, delivering the royal correspondence as written and sealed with the king’s personal imprint. The second writer decided to help the recipients know in more detail what the king’s heart and feelings and true intent were. Believing he was doing his lord the king a favor, he partially unsealed his documents, adding to the best of his memory what he recalled the king had said during official royal audiences in court that was not included in the original writings. He included his own comments and interpretations to better clarify the king’s own words mirroring the royal language and style he had been familiar with for years in the king’s service. He was certain the synthesized writings would be of maximum benefit to the king and the kingdom and of more help to the subjects than the unaltered originals. Since the changes were self-evidently valid and had obviously improved from incomplete to now fully finalized, he knew for sure the king would have approved despite the prohibition. Then he resealed the documents and delivered them as instructed.

Which of the two did his master’s will in faithfully obeying their lord the king’s command? Which recipients actually received the king’s official approved sealed unaltered communication where just the king by himself spoke for the king? What effect would the blended hybrid correspondence have on the king’s subjects where the writer included himself as spokesman for the king alongside the king himself? What would the king have to say to the second writer who disregarded his explicit command?

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