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Tri-Personal God

  • Mankind has a species designation: Homo Sapiens (Reasoning Human). Billions and billions of persons in one human-being kind.
  • Angelkind has a species that can be designated: Angelus Caeli (Heavenly Angel). Millions and millions of persons in one angel-being kind.
  • GodKind has a species that can be designated: Deus SanctusSanctusSanctus (Threefold TriPersonal Holy/Worshiped God). Three Persons in One Supreme-Being Godkind.

In the beginning was the Lord. In the beginning was the Word of the Lord. In the beginning was the Spirit of the Lord. In the beginning: GOD God as Trinity is One What in Three Who’s. One Being and Essence expressed in three personages of distinct identity.

Not 1 + 1 + 1 = 3   Simple addition won’t work in this equation.

1 x 1 x 1 = 1  A complex series of discrete identities compounded and cubed into identical unity.

God = Father x Son x Holy Spirit

Ever hear of Einstein’s discovery? E = mc(squared)  Energy = Mass x Lightspeed x Lightspeed If God’s creation has multiple ‘trinities’ built into its very fabric, maybe they’re a reflection of the Creator’s personal Triune nature? Volume is always cubic or 3-d. Time is past, present, future. The Triune God is the ultimate personification of absolute simplicity of concept and reality – He cannot be otherwise, He has to be for all else to be, and He can be known at the most basic level of reason. At the same time, God is much much much more beyond the infinite eternal limitless unmeasurable point of what can be mortally known. As approachable as God is and wants to be in Jesus by His Holy Spirit, He also keeps His distance and maintains hallowed and sacred boundaries between His Heaven and our Earth. The day any mortal goes beyond scratching the surface of the surface in figuring out the Trinity will be when God is found much less than He claims, a not-quite-supreme-being. Or we will be fully co-equal with the Lord Jesus Himself and thus eligible for full membership in the Godhead. We get enough of God on a need to know basis. Enough to be saved and forgiven of sin. Enough to relate to in worship. Enough to have a heavenly vs. a hellish afterlife and a blessed peaceful purposed now-life while we await our final reservations in eternity. Only God fully gets God, and so gets to be God.

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