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Quotes, Epigrams, Micropoems

*Praise Christ who loves us and freed us from sin
By being slaughtered in blood, bone and skin
Then crowned us kingdom priests to rebegin.

*Staking your life on Jesus’ love is faith.

*Bible Whisperer – not someone who has mastered Christ’s Holy Scriptures, but who is mastered by them.

*Don’t ever underestimate the Lord.
That’s one mistake we surely can’t afford.
If we must err, let it be said that such
poor fools were we who trusted Him too much!

*Hero Jesus our hostage rescuer! A faith gospel for belief de tout coeur.

*The problem comes when people see themselves merely as a result of biology rather than theology.

*The Holy Bible is Heaven’s sworn testimony about himself and ourselves: the only place where God and God’s Son and God’s Spirit speak under oath.

*God’s No is better than the devil’s Yes.

*All of God’s punitive justice against sinners was executed upon Jesus’ cursed cross. The ultimate Just Judge himself suffered our judgment to decondemn the condemned. Jesus could only be forgiver of sin by being the Unforgiven One, Supreme Scapegoat, so the sheep could escape heaven’s wrath. Nothing less than virgin-born Bethlehem blood could save us from infinite and eternal vengeance.

*The prayers God answers are the ones Christ prompts.

*Faith is being certain that God is certain.

*Jesus was capital punished for our criminal guilt before God so we believers could be rewarded with Jesus’ holy innocence before God. 

*Cling to Christ’s cross till splinters gash our flesh.

*God’s got Himself in store for us today.

*ExeJesus is the crux of anointed exegesis.

*Uninterrupted by the jeering crowd
He gurgled one last dying prayer aloud:
‘Accomplished!’ Then all heaven and earth bowed.

*God’s stars dangle, magnificent, despite/The fact that all that holds them up is night.

*Only Jesus is good enough to be a Christian, fully kingdom-eligible in his own right. The rest of us must be sponsored.

*Has Jesus only saved your life but not your lifestyle?

*Real repenting – the end of ourselves is the beginning of God.

*Sinful mankind was God’s ultimate challenge which could only be met with Jewish blood on a Gentile cross.

*Sin is unyielding ingratitude.

*Worst-case scenario:
It is a dreadful horror to fall into the hands of the Living God who is an all-consuming fire.
*Best case scenario:
The cross of Christ felt the full fury
So we who trust need never worry.

*God is infinitely more earnest and intent on hearing from us than we are willing to be heard.

*Beware of anyone with a command of scripture unless it has command of them.

*Find out only the truth; believe just that.

*My day of reckoning was Jesus’ cross. His blood covered my sins with sweetest sauce.  Dissolving them in retribution’s heat. I claim Christ’s resurrection vouched receipt.

*Since God’s so good, let’s honor Him as such.

*Focus on the Lord’s wonders rather than on your blunders.

*Certainty from inadequate evidence is merely evidence of inadequate certainty.

*We saints have Christ’s protective custody.

*The problem with most of us is that we fail to get the Godness of God.

*The Lord is worthy of our best belief.

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