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Psalm 82: God Calls Judges gods and Calls Christ God’s Son

God presides in the great assembly (of judges and elders ruling over the people).

God himself renders his own supreme judgment among these gods (of the judicial court who should be rendering righteous verdicts on God’s behalf):

“How long will you (corruptly) defend the unjust (for bribes or favoritism) and show partiality to the wicked? Instead, you should defend the weak and orphaned upholding the just cause of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the helpless and needy delivering them from the upper hand of the wicked predator.”

“These unjust judicial gods know nothing and understand nothing (of My holy righteous ways of treating people fairly). They stumble about in darkness; because of their corrupt decrees and violent verdicts, all the earth’s (proper justice) foundations are shaken (shaky, unreliable).”

“I the Lord said that you judges and elders are called gods (representing Me). You are all sons of the Most High (image bearers with God-given dominion). But (in your injusticed abuse of my authority) you will die like ordinary mortals (all the people upon whom you pass judgment in your prominent official capacity.) You will fall just like every other ruler (king, high priest, wealthy, general, mighty leader over others).”

Rise up, O God, judge (fairly, righteously) the earth, for all the nations are your inheritance! (prophetic of ChristKing as Judge of the world inherited at his resurrection).

The Lord Jesus quotes from this Psalm to establish his Messianic identity as God’s Son of Man, justly entitled to have righteous authority over mankind.

John 10:34-36 – “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are gods’? If God called them gods about whom he spoke his own unfailing word to, how much more the one (Christ) whom God sanctified/consecrated and sent into the world (as Righteous Savior & Judge)? Why accuse me of blasphemy because I said I am God’s Son (consistent with this declaration of God himself in Messianic prophetic Scripture referencing me The Son of the Most High as Judge of the earth)?”

Acts 17:30-31 – “Now (Kingdom Gospel age) God commands everyone everywhere to repent. For he has set a day when he will judge the world with righteousness by the Man Jesus he has appointed. God has given credible evidence of this to everybody by resurrecting ChristKingSaviorJudge from the dead.”

  • The judges/elders were appointed by the people and given great authority. God refers to them as gods representing Himself though they are of the earth.

But Jesus as ChristKingSaviorJudge was sanctified personally by his Father and sent from heaven to earth. He is from above not below. Therefore, he should at the very least be considered by his accusers equal if not superior to these Old Testament authority figures whom God himself in Scripture calls gods.

  • These judges/elders were called Sons of the Most High as offspring of God himself as Paul tells Athenians, “We are God’s offspring.” They could call God their Father in the Creator/creature sense since He caused them to be born, gave them life and the official positions they held as rulers of the people on His behalf. But Jesus as ChristKingSaviorJudge was begotten personally by his Father and incarnate by the Holy Spirit. He actually calls this God his Father in more than a mere Creator/creature sense. Based on his words and works authorized and accomplished from his Father, at the very least he should be considered by his accusers as equal if not superior to these Old Testament gods: not just a son of the Most High, but THE SON of the Most High.
  • If these judges/elders whom God himself calls gods in Scripture were to appear before them, Christ’s accusers would have no basis of charges of blasphemy against them since they have God and His Word on their side defending them as gods. Now that ChristKingSaviorJudge appears before them as clearly superior in words and works to them, they have no basis for accusing him of blasphemy either since Jesus has God and His Word on his side defending him as God’s Son sanctified and sent from heaven into the world quite unlike the judges/elders.
  • These judges/elders were themselves accused by God as unjust and guilty under God’s judgment. God is judging his gods as not worthy of the title he calls them by since they are full of injustice and unrighteousness. God is looking for judges/elders who are just and righteous before Him and His people.

He has now found one in ChristKingSaviorJudge Jesus. What the faulty failed faithless gods lacked, God’s Own Son from heaven would now remedy.

They were unworthy to be called gods. Jesus proves by his perfect proclamation and performance that he is supremely worthy and God-endorsed to be called not just god (the equal of any unworthy gods), not just a son of the Most High, but God’s Son = Deity, One with His Father, the Father IN him and himself IN the father (supremely unequalled unrivaled unmatched by any lesser mortal guilty sinful indicted convicted judged death-sentenced gods).

  • As a Messianic Psalm, Christ is not just called the equal to these gods or sons of the Most High, but the Chief Justice of Heaven’s Supreme Court appointed and confirmed by his Father. On Judgment Day, ChristKingSaviorJudge will render verdict over the whole planet. By his death/resurrection, Christ Jesus will fulfill this Messianic Psalm by inheriting all the nations as Absolute Ultimate SaviorJudge separating the sheep from the goats as Matthew 25 spells out in parable form.

Christ as God (King of Kings, Lord of Lords, God of Gods/gods) will himself judge all lesser gods and those ruled over by them all throughout human history, including ironically his very accusers who pass judgment on the Judge of judges himself and also ironically are guilty of blasphemy against God and Christ both while leveling the charge of blasphemy against ChristKingSaviorJudge Jesus. Later when these and other enemies act as judge, jury, and executioner condemning Christ to the cross, they will heap up guilt against themselves to be used as self-condemning evidence on Judgment Day when the roles are shockingly reversed!

  • Christ’s challenge to his accusers is the same to us and any who encounter his words and claims: If God Himself called these guilty unjust human judges gods, what does God Himself call Jesus throughout the Bible (prophesies and fulfillments)? What do Jesus’ own words and works prove about what God calls him? Just another god? Or Son of God = God the Son? Just another human being? Or SupremeHumanBeing = HumanSupremeBeing?

If you discover what God calls Christ, what Scripture calls Christ, what Christ calls himself, what do you call him who claims to be your Judge? How will you plea?

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