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How Perfect and Sinless is the Holy Bible

How Perfect and Sinless and Undiminished in OmniPotency is the Holy Bible?

Apostle Paul refers to God’s written word as ‘Sacred Writings’, ‘Holy Scriptures’.

Scripture refers to God’s incarnate Word Jesus as ‘Holy One’, ‘Righteous One’, ‘ without sin’.


If you got close enough to see Jesus face to face in Galilee during his earthly ministry, you would have noticed:

  • Smile lines and aging wrinkles normal for a man of 33 years old
  • Sun weathering on his skin from time spent outdoors in a sunny Mediterranean climate
  • Scars on his hands from years working in his stepfather Joseph’s carpentry shop
  • Modest receding hairline usual for a man in his thirties
  • Possible minor freckles, small moles or other superficial features distinctive to an average person

If you get close enough to the Holy Bible, you notice:

  • Minor occasional textual variants referenced in footnotes
  • Several words or phrases from the original Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek that are uncertain and hard to translate
  • A few challenging passages difficult to decipher or grasp the intended meaning when first spoken
  • Slight variations in descriptions of the same event by different authors
  • Possible minuscule adjustments made early on by scribal copyists in transmitting scrolls and parchments of texts

If anyone can prove that Jesus’ superficial physical mortality of normal distinctive aging/weathering features that comes with being incarnate rendered him anything less than Holy, Righteous, Sinless, Error-free then there may be a case for an unholy, unrighteous, sinful, errored Bible.

Despite its blemishes and obvious minor superficial human mortalness of normal distinctive aging/weathering features that come with being inscripturated, it was never rendered anything less than Holy, Righteous, Sinless, Error-free

Jesus said, ‘Sanctify (my disciples) in your Word which is Truth.’

If he included the entire Old Testament from Moses to Malachi word for word plus his own original teachings of God’s Kingdom fulfilling those written Scriptures as utter uttered Truth, can his New Testament apostolic written Scriptures (Spirit-inspired selections of his and chosen apostles’ teaching) be far behind?

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