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Justified, De-condemned, Sin-Forgiven, Saved just by Grace of Jesus through Faith-in-Jesus

Crucial Questions: Just how is any sinful person made right and acceptable for eternal fellowship and friendship with God the Father along with his Son Jesus Christ?

Is just the Grace of Jesus enough by itself to provide complete liability coverage and full forgiveness and righteousness on God’s terms forever?

If not, is something more needed to complete the reconnection with Holy God that any sinful person must contribute to fully meet heaven’s requirements?

Christian Answer: The Bible’s Gospel message says Quite Enough Already. Voices beyond the Bible say not enough yet. Grace-of-Jesus PLUS (something else from another person).

Key Questions: Is just Faith in Jesus enough by itself to fully properly apply God’s gifted all-sufficient Grace of Jesus for Eternal Life now and forever? If not, is something else necessary to comply with Holy God’s minimum standards that any sinful person must repeatedly perform to keep satisfying eligibility criteria?

Christ’s Answer: The Bible’s Gospel message says Quite Enough Already. Voices outside the Bible say nowhere near enough yet. Faith-in-Jesus PLUS (something else by personal effort).

Critical Questions: Is just the Bible-Gospel from the Gospel-Bible enough by itself to fully reveal God’s justifying Grace of Jesus properly applied through Faith in Jesus as completely correct? If not, is something further essential to combine and correlate Holy God’s entire truth in a comprehensive belief system for any sinful person to faithfully follow?

Correct Answer: The Bible’s Gospel message says Quite Enough Already. Voices speaking for the Bible say nowhere near enough yet. Gospel-Bible PLUS (something else from other texts).

Fill in Unquestionable Answers:

  • Just Grace is more than enough because… (Ephesians 2:8-10 – no boasting or potential bragging rights allowed)
  • Just Jesus is more than enough because he alone…(Opening of all Paul’s letters – only Jesus is called LORD-SAVIOR, not any other religious leader/hero/founder!)
  • Just Faith in Jesus is more than enough because…(John 3:15-18 – God had Jesus crucified for all sin in our place, he alone is the snake bite antidote raised up on the pole for any with viper-poison in their bloodstream to receive instant full free forever remedy cure remission rescue.)
  • Just the Bible Gospel from the Gospel Bible is more than enough because it was produced, preserved, provided uniquely supremely above/beyond all other texts … (Romans 1:1-17 – God’s prior prophesied Gospel is heaven’s own and only power to save lost sinners by God’s offered righteousness-of-reprieve: it is by faith in Jesus period so it may be receivable as 100% believable 0% achievable, accepted and applied just by faith: The Just Shall Live eternal life By Faith.)
  • Just when does Jesus say “Enough is Enough” to call upon Him to be saved? (Read all the Sermons in the Book of Acts to find out for sure!)

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