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John 1:14-17 – Moses vs. Jesus, New Grace in place of Prior Grace

The Word became flesh and lived among us, and we saw His glory, the glory of the only-engendered next-of-kin born from the Father, full of grace and truth.

For/hereby from His fullness we have all received, even yet (more new) grace in place of (previous) grace.

For while/although (just as?)/whereby through Moses the law was provided, (at long last) because of Jesus Christ such grace and such truth became realized.

Just as Hebrews emphasizes, Jesus is far superior to Moses in both content (fullness of grace and truth) and delivery (God-in-the-flesh Heaven-incarnate).

John does not intend that Moses failed to provide grace -truth in the law. Moses is no less qualitative truth than Jesus, it’s only a matter of degree/extent/delivery.

Moses’ law (whether narrow commandment element or wider entire Torah Pentateuch) provided grace-truth in prophetic shadow.

Jesus Christ fulfilled and filled full all that Moses foreshadowed. He personally single-handedly (Heaven-in-Person) carried out and realized all that was Moses-scripted.

Jesus acted out the lead title role pre-prepared in advance by the screenplay. Jesus gets top and sole billing, Moses is granted (inspired) scriptwriter credit.

Moses’ Jordan River flows into Christ’s Sea of Galilee which gushes and cascades beyond the Mediterranean into the global oceans fully spanning the earth in megagrace to the nth degree including ultimate realized truth, light, and eternal life for all who believe.

Moses and the Prophets = Grace Gospel Seed. Jesus in the Gospels = Grace Gospel Bud/Sprout. Acts and Apostles and Epistles = Grace Gospel Full-Bloom/Ripe Harvest.

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