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Jesus Pleases

  • Jesus pleases.
  • Any reliable accurate godly Bible verse translations or paraphrasing should drill deeper into textual truth meaning and original intent, not drift farther away from truth.
  • When Jesus and his apostles quoted Scripture as found in the New Testament, it was always Perilogos (nearer God’s Word), never Antilogos (against, instead of).
  • The Bible was not gifted to us from heaven itself through propheted and apostled writers in order for readers to come to their own conclusions.
  • It was so people would reach God’s conclusions about his Son Jesus Christ. Then and only then to make miracle-revealed Christian conclusions their own.
  • God’s heart-language to us translates perfectly into Jesus.
  • Solus Spiritus Natus. Only those born of the Holy Spirit (analogous to Christ’s own miraculous birth) have any hope of deliverance from the devil.
  • Top-down. Then bottom-up.
  • Dark influence is diabolical.
  • Sola Scriptura is trusting only in God’s Official Written Record above all other claimed authority sources. The Bible Alone is supreme as ultimate basis of Jesus’ Truth.
  • Nothing else comes remotely close, as far as heaven is above earth. “Aren’t you (truth doubters) mixed up since you know neither the Scriptures nor God’s capability?”
  • The Holy Scriptures in general, and the Gospel of Jesus in particular:  unequaled astounding masterpiece of sublime exquisite heavenly Genius of the First Order.
  • Avoid equal and opposite extremes of idolatry: Worshiping the RightGod in the wrong way; worshiping the wrong god in any way, shape or form.
  • Hell is for those imagining themselves good enough on their own for heaven. 
  • Heaven is only for those knowing they’re bad enough for hell but plead for mercy hoping for Jesus’ pardoning reprieve.
  • The Spirit engenders grateful eternal life. Selflesh gratifying quarantines in eternal sin.
  • The Lord cascades sweet forgiveness in vastness of galactic overflow.
  • Dare we return to him scraps of leftover love from lukewarm undertow?
  • Insinuendo is insinuation with innuendo.
  • Repent and Believe Jesus’ Gospel. Repent means more than just change your mind or think again. It’s about getting a new heart and spirit as a gift from God.
  • It’s not something you can gin up or conjure up or arrive at without a complete rebirth from heaven by Jesus-Trust. Only faith in Christ can make you a cured leper.

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