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It Is Irrational To Be Upset With God

*He is infinitely unlike and beyond any mortal human relation – spouse, child, friend, stranger, enemy. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of any issue with the Lord. Do whatever it takes to get on His right side. Do you know Who you are dealing with??

*He is the only One Who can lift whatever sanctions are being imposed out of discipline, character development or mysterious unknown reasons. You want Him as friend not foe in your painful waiting or whatever circumstance.

*He is the only One Who is truly on your side, so long as you meet His terms and conditions of being on His side by repenting trusting faith no matter what unconditionally.

*He is the only One Who can really fully help you through whatever cancer or grief or loss or horror or (fill in your own blank_________). Why cut yourself off from that ever-present help in time of trouble?

*He is seeking to bless you better than you now know or can ever imagine, will you let Him no matter what it takes or how long?

*Your will opposed or contrary to His will is sin, knowingly deliberately or not. Why compound the evil with willful grumbling dissatisfied wilderness whining wailing railing against God?

*Ask yourself honestly: Who else have you really got? To whom will you go instead? Who will treat you as good, better, for the best?


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