May this Christ-Centered Bible-Based Blog be a Blessing to You and Your Family.


  • If you knew how much care the Son of God took in custom designing and creating you as a unique human image of God, you would be amazed in Him. 
  • If you knew how galactically huge the universe is, and that our little planet is spiraling through space at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour as this globe spins at 1,000 miles/hour, and that you are just a minute speck that the Lord personally blesses every moment, you would hugely respect Him.
  • If you knew that your every breath and heartbeat is governed by Christ Jesus from his throne of majesty in heaven, you would be overwhelmed with holy fearsome reverence.
  • If you knew that the Son of Man will visibly bodily return to earth on Judgment Day, and you will personally stand before him answering for every aspect of your life, you would have massive regard for Him. 
  • If you knew how deeply and passionately the LordSavior Jesus sacrificially bloodily proved his infinite love for you on the cross capital-punished by God for your crimes, you would be filled with wondrous affection and boundless gratitude making you an entirely different made over person.
  • If you knew how painfully you grieve the Spirit of Jesus with every careless or casual or calculated thought, comment, criticism, condemnation, gossip, or behavior or pattern of activity or repeat offending against Him and others and yourself, you would be confessedly humbled and considerate of His feelings and repent your relations with Him.
  • If you knew how greatly the Lord eagerly desires for you to grow daily in the grace, faith and closer knowledge in loving truth of your marriage bond with Him, you would be swept up in earnest prompting and commitment to devote yourself to be taken with Him and taken by Him as his dear beloved in holy spiritual matrimony.
  • If you knew how precious your faith in Christ is, you would do nothing to jeopardize it and seek everything to capitalize on it every day in Scripture, prayer, and trust.
  • If you knew all that Jesus has in store for you, then in response you would have way more in store for Him with eternal gratitude to counter-love Him in unrestricted unconditional full-hearted adoring worship.
  • If you love Jesus, you are amazingly blessed in His love. If not, you are unblessed eternally missing out on God’s heaven forever. How could anyone jilt Jesus?!?


Be pleased with Him as He is pleased with you.

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