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Grace Enough, Faith Enough, Bible Enough, Gospel Enough, Jesus Enough, Spirit Enough: Instant Winning or Constant Ginning-up?

  • Is God’s Grace to you enough to instantly save your soul like cured Samaritan leper or forgiven paralytic sinner or tax cheat Zacchaeus?
  • Is God’s gift of Faith to you enough to receive, apply and enjoy instant title to full possession of salvation like healed blind Bartimaeus or converted thief on the cross?
  • Is God’s gift to you of the Bible enough to learn, discover and understand immediate salvation like an official pardon delivered to a prisoner no longer liable?
  • Is God’s gift to you of the Gospel in the Bible enough to inherit from the Lord the right of succession like the next royal heir when the King has died?
  • Is God’s gift to you of Jesus from the Gospel in the Bible enough to right now save your soul like Lazarus raised from death?
  • Is God’s gift to you of his Spirit from Jesus by the Gospel in the Bible enough to rebirth you into the Kingdom of eternity like the wind and fire of Pentecost?

You had better hope so. You had better pray so. You had better believe so.

  • What more could God give to you to make it instantly enough for realized actual applied confirmed guaranteed assured salvation like Saul or Mary Magdalene?
  • What more should you constantly give to God to seal the deal and complete the covenant of GraceEnough-FaithEnough-Bible/GospelEnough-Jesus/SpiritEnough?
  • If the Triune (MonoTriadic) God and his triad gift of faith (awareness, awakening, affirmation) and triad gift of revelation (publishing, preserving, personal delivering) and triad gift of salvation (justizing, sanctizing, heavenizing) are all not enough, what are you waiting for? What else do you expect? Just what is enough to gain eternal life?
  • Are you instantly fully vested in Jesus’ investment in you on the cross, or constantly partly vesting in mutual cooperative investment in each other jointly by his cross and carrying your cross too?
  • Does God consider you righteous before himself by your God-given faith-trust itself in Christ of himself? Or are you righteous by your faithfulness? (NOT)
  • What does the Scripture say? ‘God loved the world that he gave the Only-Begotten Son so that whoever has faithfulness in/to him will have eternal life?’ (NOT EVEN)
  • ‘What must I do to be saved? Be faithful in/to the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.’ (?) ‘Abraham was faithful in/to God who credited it to him as righteousness.’ (NOT EVER)
  • ‘The Gospel is God’s salvation power to all who are faithful, for in the Gospel God’s righteousness is revealed by faithfulness for (those) having loyal allegiance.’ (NOT A BIT)

Jesus declares: ‘Neither do I condemn you.’ (Decondemned pardoned forgiven as instant fact by instant faith.)

‘Go now and leave your life of sin.’ (Enjoined in free freedom to live a forgiven life after the fact from instant faith leading to evidenced grateful living.)


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