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Finger of God

The Lord instructed Moses to chisel out two stone tablets and bring them up to Him on Mt. Sinai. Then the Lord Himself wrote the Ten Commandments upon the tablets. Moses uses mortal language to describe what God did out of heaven upon an earthly object:  the Commandments were written with “the Finger of God”. The idea conveyed is of a person using his finger as a writing instrument like putting a message in sand. We recall John 8 describing Jesus as bending down and writing with his finger upon the ground.

God Himself communicating His heavenly message directly and firsthand doesn’t get any more vivid. It still took a man to provide the tablets and carry them into God’s presence and, after the Lord engraved His very own words in perfect Hebrew, carry them back and safeguard them for perpetual use by the people.

This can be seen as an Old Testament foreshadowing of the coming Figure of Christ who came as Word-Bearer bearing His Father’s image to the people.

As John 1:17 says, “For as God’s Law was given through Moses (on stone tablets written by God’s Own Finger), even more so grace and truth came by Jesus Christ (God’s Gospel brought forth raised up into the world by God’s Own Spirit via virgin birth in God’s Own Flesh and Blood of the Son of Man from heaven).”

God Himself in God’s Son Himself communicating His heavenly message directly and firsthand became the most vivid ever. It took a God-Man to provide the Gospel and bear it on the Cross in God’s and the world’s presence and, after the Lord embodied God’s very own words in perfect Aramaic, carry the Gospel back from the dead and safeguard it (by the agency of the Holy Spirit propelling human authors in inspired Theopneustos error free New Testament Greek) for perpetual use by the church.

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