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Faith Pleases Jesus

  • How much credit and how much weight you put on your Bible proves how much credit and how much weight you put on your God.
  • Let the Lord whisper this to you when you pray and pray and pray: “While you wait for Me to answer, let Me be your answer.”
  • Only one thing gets a person counted as righteous by the Lord to his holy satisfaction: if you have counted on the Lord as full-biblically revealed.

If the Lord could have overwhelming mercy on terrorist Christian-killer Saul or triple-denier gospel-waffler-of-Galatians Peter or seven-demon possessed Mary Magdalene or (fill in a name you know), couldn’t Jesus’ judgment-sparing patience extend to you no matter how numerous in quantity and sinister in nature or repetitive your sins against his sacrificial death for your forgiveness?
Just Trust. Be Free.

In the Gospels, Christ the Lord proclaimed his Kingdom.
After Pentecost, the Kingdom Church proclaimed Christ King.

Are you Christified, a new re-creation in Christ conformed to His image? Or are you churchified, same old creature trying to get closer to Christ but actually conformed to your church’s image, demands, expectations?

The true saving living Gospel applied just by Jesus-trust of itself already christifies you. The false trying / working / performing / applying / striving / efforting-to-hopefully-eventually-gradually-be saved by church and Jesus-trust together side by side in tandem combo churchifies you.

  • Christification by trustification = unilateral justification, salvation, sin-forgiveness, eternal life.
  • Churchification by processification = bilateral joint cooperative religious institutionalization.
  • Instant winner vs. installment method. Full mortgage payoff vs. amortization payments. Inheritance lump sum vs. incremental vesting/accumulating. Full-term complete delivered born-again rebirth certificate vs. partial incomplete undelivered pregnancy.

The Son of Man must be lifted up? Just who is this Son of Man? He is God’s Man who happens also to be Man’s God!

Is final free mercy just by Jesus-grace with fully applied salvation just through Jesus-trust a lax gospel indulging wide open permission to sin?  Never. Actually, undue forgiveness and effortless eternal life just trusting Jesus are the true freeing Gospel allowing/endowing wide open permission to NOT sin!

  • Evangelizing, teaching and preaching recounting Christ’s Cross = the Audible Gospel. Holy Communion remembering Christ’s Cross = the Edible Gospel.
  • Does the Bible teach ‘once saved, always saved’? Today saved, saved today. Always saved, saved always. As long as you have repenting Jesus-trust now and as you die.
  • The just shall live by trust who also die by that same trust.

Our gifted Christ-trusting all by itself God recognizes as satisfactory righteousness meeting his approval. God recognizes our faith in Jesus just as if it were Jesus’ own faithfulness. The just shall eternally live by trust. Adjustification and rectification in Jesus’ blood fully freely instantly received just by faith.

  • Second opinions are most welcome unless they’re worse than the first.
  • Jesus-trust of itself-period-apart-from-anything is not just the beginning of grace-salvation. It is the middle and the end and totality of everything in between.
  • Jesus-trust exclusively = grace-salvation all-inclusively.

Nicodemus came to wonder-working Jesus as a man born blind. Spiritually, he needing soul healing from sightlessness about God’s Kingdom of grace and faith vs. righteousness acquisition system of religious observance and performance to satisfy God. Nicodemus the Pharisee needed to become like the tax collector in the parable. “God be merciful to me such a sinner”. The sinner went home justified before God, not Pharisaic self-justified-yet-God-unjustified.

After Jesus miraculously shared the Kingdom Gospel of Moses’ serpent (pure grace remedy from fatal snake venom received purely by God-via-Moses-trusting) and paralleled it to his own crucifixion as sacrificial heavenly grace remedy from fatal Satan self-gospel venom to be received purely by God-via-Jesus-trusting – no more Moses who was merely a signpost to Jesus as ultimate saving destination of eternal life), Nicodemus became miraculously spiritually healed of his soul blindness.

This should be included as among the greatest of Christ’s wondrous miracles ranking with Lazarus, man born blind, feeding multitudes!

The Bible is God’s own absolute authority in print as if spoken from his very mouth.

Relying on Jesus’ goodness exclusively to be saved right now this moment? Relying on Jesus’ and your goodness to someday be saved? Relying on Jesus’ and your church’s grace delivery system to gradually attain membership privilege to eventually be saved? Is Jesus your Lifeguard (saved), life coach (being savable) or life-dispensing-process (building credits and grace points toward eternal retirement)?

Reading material is mind invasion –
If not Christ’s light, be sure it’s dark persuasion.

How is the Lord’s Kingdom Gospel to be received and kept? Keep to Jesus-trusting. Keep up with Jesus-trusting. Keep on Jesus-trusting.

All sin descends souls to the devil’s levels.

Do you really truly life-or-death trust the ScriptureJesus of the JesusScripture? Do it again, do it some more. Repeat for the rest of your eternal life.

Sin’s spikes held Lord Christ cursed-accountable.
For hell-worthy guilt insurmountable.
Heaven became our clay to once for all achieve
Full hope of glory God forbids we disbelieve.

  • Don’t let your ‘sanctifiction’ jeopardize anyone’s justification.
  • Jesus rules from God’s Right Hand. Even where crosses are banned.
  • Remaining in sin comes naturally. Repenting of sin comes supernaturally.

What must you do to be saved to eternal life as righteous sin-forgiven acceptable to God?
You have two simple options:

  1. Do absolutely everything perfectly with perfect motives every moment until you die – Love God 100% with 100% of your being 100% of the time and love your neighbor (other people, loveable or not) 100% as yourself.
  2. Do absolutely nothing. Then repent of any hope of satisfying option 1. Plead for mercy to become a Jesus-truster realizing He already satisfied option 1 in your place.

The measure of God’s heavenly love for us sinners is the hellish depths and infinite magnitude of Jesus’ suffering on the cross for our sins.

  • Look at Lot’s life. What a mess. Poor choices. Selfleshness. Sodom. Dysfunctional family. Lot’s wife in judgment turned into a pillar of salt for disobeying.
  • Fathering Ammon and Moab. Yet the Bible still calls him righteous! Why? Despite all his serious flaws, failings and backslidings, the Lord still loved him reckoning him righteous by faith. Lot in spite of all was a lifelong God-truster. His good did not outweigh his bad. His faith in the Lord outweighed his guilt.
  • In spite of all your ‘Lotlike’ behavior weighed down by sin of your own fault, are you a Jesus-truster? Only hoping in Jesus’ mercy can anyone be trustified.

Your Jesus-faith gains his Jesus-life.

Does only your church exclusively and unfailingly explain, contain and sustain your soul’s salvation? Full 100% truth and 100% real faith and life and eternity now and forever? How do you know for 100% absolute sure?  Are you willing to stake forever heaven or hell on your church’s word and authority and assurance and claims?

God’s Gospel Salvation happens to you and for you, never, never by you or from you.

Genesis and Exodus clearly reveal a normal plain ordinary six-day work week Creation with the keys handed over to Sir Adam and Lady Eve (if they were Irish, their last name would be O’Clay) around 10 generations (father-son-grandson progeny lineage) before the Global Flood that Jesus and Peter remind us about.

Anything like so-called ‘scientific developmentalism’ from 1.7 trillion days ago (earth) or 5 trillion days (big-banging of the universe) is Creative Convolution.

Jesus scolded the Sadducees, “Aren’t you really mixed up because you don’t know (read aright) the Scriptures or God’s limitless capability?”

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