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Even More Musings & Meditations

*Regard the Lord as faith’s Reward.

*Expect the Lord to always do what’s best.

*Rest in the Holy Spirit of Christ, don’t wrestle with Him.

*Our Redeemer has saved and is saving all who will be saved.

*All of God is all we need.

*Be a lifelong dive-explorer in Christ’s heaven-genesised ocean, the fault-free Bible: delve deep, soul steep, mind sweep, heart reap, faith leap! 

*Who you love most hurts you best.

*A consecrated Christian continuously conforming to Jesus possessed by the Holy Spirit is God’s anointed agent not for criticism of this world, not conformity to this world, but combustion within this world to ignite Heaven’s intervention believer by believer, faith by faith, hope by hope, love by love, day by day into this world.

*Half of the crucifixion was completely in the darkness. The end of the crucifixion shook the ground and broke open tombs. Christ’s sacrificial substitute suffering snuffed out the sun and quaked the earth in magniloquent mourning.

*Good intentions without godly extensions are mere pretensions.

*Jesus is the Lord God making Himself local.

*Faithless works as Paul says and worksless faith as James says are equally devoid of any pulse of eternal life.

*If left to us, just call our name refuser; it’s not so much the chosen as the Chooser.

*Expect your God to do only what’s right.

*Exercise extreme cautionary reverence when dealing with your Infinite Eternal Perfectly Holy Almighty Majestic God of Glory.

*Believe Christ’s comprehensive coverage.

*What you treasure is your measure.

*Is your faith fringe, binge or hinge?

*Don’t mess with the Bible lest it mess with you.

*Think only always blessed thoughts of Christ.

*Corrupted compromised contaminated teaching claimed from non-false parts of the Bible is just the sort of stuff for those who go in for that sort of stuff.

*The farther having come in the Lord, the further better keep going.

*Don’t contend with the Lord, be content with Him.

*The devil’s oppression and obstruction conspire with sin too often resist God’s goodwill in our lives but can never reverse it.

*The Lord’s goodness is even better than that, it is bestness.

*When you worship, gladly and freely and fully without restraint give Jesus and His Father all your exuberant robust gusto!

*The joy of the Lord and the destroy of the Lord instills due cheer and fear in the Holy Spirit.

*Doing Christ’s rightness yields its own reward.

*Obeying Christ is non-negotiable.

*Being saved is not for cause. Being lost is fully for cause. Salvation-Promotion is absolutely purely without our causation. Perishing-Termination is entirely solely with cause.

*The Most High Lord Almighty God of Glory Possessor of the Universe will not tolerate being blamed, faulted, accused, judged, held accountable, liable or responsible for any wrongdoing whatsoever. Sinful evil is something only creatures are capable of and will answer to the Unjudgable Judge. God can never ever fall short of His Own Glory as all the fallen who have sinned.

*Obey the voice of heaven every day. Renounce the noise of evil constantly.

*Everyone was parented by those prior and higher to them (adults). Everyone was taught mental formation by those prior and higher to them (educated by beforeness). Thus everyone is dependent on beforeness – someone outside them (priors and highers).

*Who needs a light bulb when you’ve got the Son? God’s Bible gives us Jesus’ brightest shine.

*Holy Spirit-created faith is gifted through God’s Gospel of Christ.

*Jesus-trust justifying while purifying the sinner’s heart arises from hearing God quoted.

*God’s intent in language sent rings true in ear and heart as Message Meant.

*Guilt’s blame is the flame Christ-trust extinguishes.

*Forgiveness = Saved; Forgivenness = Sanctified.

*Scriptum est: non in pane solo vivet homo sed in omni verbo procedit de ore Dei. (Matthew 4:4 – Latin Vulgate)

  •   It is written: not by bread alone man lives, but by every word proceeding from God’s mouth.
  •   It is written: alone man lives by every God-mouthed word.
  •   It is written: every God-mouthed word.
  •   Man lives by every it is written God-mouthed word alone.
  •   Sola Scriptura. Solo Verbo. Solo Dei.

*Sola Scriptura = Suprema Scriptura = Satis Scriptura = Salutaris Scriptura = Sacra Scriptura. The Bible by/in/of itself singularly and simply unaided is standalone, supreme,   sufficient, saving, sacred.

*The Most High God of Glory is Omniloquent Orator. Ultimate Speaker. Supreme TruthSayer. Paul writes that the Jews were custodians of God’s Oratory. Stephen proclaimed that Moses heard God’s angel speaking the Lord’s living Oratory now passed on in writing to us. Peter writes that if anyone is specially gifted by the Lord with public speaking/preaching/teaching to edify the church, its content quality should reflect the highest standard as God’s Oratory – as heavenly holy homily.

Hebrews urges believers already familiar with the written Old Textament, now converted by apostolic gospel preaching both in person and by letters including portions of freshly written New Textament, to grow deeper in their maturity of the faith even returning to the original fundamentals of God’s Orations.

What reputable guaranteed officially preserved and verified validated primary Single-Source of God’s Oratings by prophet, by Christ Himself, by apostle, all by the Holy Spirit, all ordered and ordained by our Heavenly Father? The Old Text Plus the New Text Equals God’s Whole Testament in Writing. If not in God’s Writings, not God’s Oratings. If not Primary, then secondary. If not Testamented, then either good commentary, bad commentary or manmade traditionary talkings and presumptuous pontificatings ignorant of wisdom’s fear of the Lord that darkens and clouds counsel making God angry by not orating of Him what is rightly true. 

*God’s Bibled Word is heaven’s absolute unsurpassed created miracle gift to us: supernaturally natural as God-motived-manmade. Ultimate Utter Unique Singularity.

*When someone is sworn in to give testimony, they put their hand on God’s Book to back it up, vowing to truly mean what they truthfully say. ‘I solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.’ Jesus says every word of the Scriptures issues from God’s very mouth. The Bible is the Lord under oath vowing and guaranteeing and testifying to us: ‘I solemnly swear to tell the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help Myself.’ Since God has nothing and no one superior to swear by, He swears by Himself. All of the Bible and Only the Bible is God’s sworn testimony with zero chance of perjury.

*How exactly, precisely and practically were the Bible’s contents created as co-authored writings by both God and men simultaneously? Unknown unrevealed mystery miracle. Was the Father the Executive Producer/Authorizer, the Son as Word of the Lord the Script Generator entitled to full copyright credit, the Holy Spirit acting as Narrator Inspiring Genius Muse giving impetus, impulse and initiative to freelance mortal authors writing what was deposited into their hearts and minds which in their agency and personal literary gifting, skill and style ended up pre-filtered self-edited final draft form camera ready to go to press in Hebrew language or Greek  vocabulary? Something like that.

*The Bible was born from God borne by men. Theogenes Anthropotokos.

*Jesus worshipers are accused of being Bible worshipers. That’s like saying Christians worship the altar along with Whom that altar depicts and portrays.

Rather, true worship in spirit and truth of God-in-Entirety (Father x Son x Holy Spirit = Godhood) is AT the altar, not OF the altar. The Holy Bible is the sacred altar of the Lord. Compromising, denigrating, deviating or distorting Scripture one whit in any way is to alter the altar of the Lord God Himself Who commissioned and conceived/conceptioned its crafting and composing. Disrespecting, downplaying, downgrading desecrates God’s Own Altar as ultimate disservice to the God behind the Bible. Cast no aspersions on what cost Christ everything and Heaven values supremely.

*Denying Sola Scriptura – the Bible in itself and by itself as all-sufficient and all-supreme for saving and securing Gospel truth – is relying on Para Ultra Scriptura, beside and beyond Scripture. When the Bible is not enough, you must stake your faith and eternal life on somebody’s supplemental Bibliography as ‘absoluter’ source of truth.

*Sola Scriptura: the Bible alone is Alpha and Omega sufficient supreme supernatural source of God’s revealed Word.

*Joshua 1:8 ‘Do not allow this Book of My Law to depart from your mouth (speech, conversation, vocabulary), but you shall meditate on it day and night in order to (live all of life) just as what is written.’ (See Matthew 28:20) Joshua was Moses’ successor as leader, judge, prophet over God’s people. What was to be the one sole essential enough resource for both himself and his followers? God’s Law Book. Written Scripture. Refer to it and recite it constantly. Complete recourse for discourse.

As Moses had said in Deut 29:29 ‘The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and our children forever that we may obey all the Words of God’s Law.’ God’s Written Book is the exclusive rendition of Heaven’s revelation from the Lord. Not temporary or occasional, but permanent and forever. It is Revealed – It is Received – It is Written – It is Recalled – It is Recounted – It is Repeated – It is Referenced – It is Retained – It is Rememorized – It is Revered – Reannounced – It is Repreached – It is Relived – It is Wrought out 24/7. Even when Joshua received fresh revelation (‘Thus says the Lord’, ‘God wants me to tell you’) to broadcast publicly, the Lord instructed what was specifically to be added to the Book of God’s Law for permanent recording and retention (Josh.23-24:2,26-27). Only what was written sufficed to be remembered, dedicated, reserved as permanently published of all that was oral. Years of God’s Speech was reduced and summarized to pages of God’s Script just as years of Jesus’ preaching and the Holy Spirit’s unveiling Old Textament prophetic mystery to apostles was boiled down to one condensed archived journal digest final authorized official exclusive edition sanctioned for permanent public preservation:  none other than the standalone New Textament. Sola Manu-Scriptura. Sola Biblia.

*John 4:20-24 ‘Our ancestors worshiped on this Samarian mountain, but you Jews say God is to be worshiped in Jerusalem…Jesus said You Samaritans worship in ignorance (misunderstood, unrealizing). We worship what we actually know, for salvation (true worship) is of the Jews (Scriptures). God is Spirit, those worshiping Him must do so in spirit and in truth (per the true Scriptures revealing fixed permanent public notice truth in spiritual essence).’ Non-saving unscriptural ancestral tradition Scriptural God-ordained spirit-and-truth revelation for salvation. Unaware ignorant of Who/how to rightly worship vs. aware full-well knowing: Sola Scriptura.

*Romans 15:3-4 ‘For even Christ did not please Himself, but as it is written – ‘the cast aspersions of those reproaching You (God) have fallen on top of Me (as God’s Messiah).’ Now whatever (such) things previously written (pre-recorded beforehand earlier) were written down for our learning (benefit, sake of teaching us), so that through such (an example of) endurance – that is, the encouragement of the Scriptures – we might have some hope.’

1Cor. 10:11 ‘but these things happened to them as examples – that is, they were also written for our admonition/warning us, on whom the (winding down to the end goal) completion of the ages (Messianic Kingdom Church Age) has come.’ Paul’s thrust in both his letters was to elevate and showcase the exclusive sufficiency of Scripture as ultimate fixed principle and single-source for believers to purely rely on as standalone all-in-all none-other-needed reservoir of faith-bolstering historic truth from God.

Here the Bible provides reinforcement both positive (Christ’s vicarious suffering – for no cause of His Own – sinners’ faultfinding lodged against God) and negative (rebellious people of God being destroyed for full cause of their own). It is written. It was prior-written. They were written down. Scriptures. What Paul says is true of some is true of all. What was valid then is valid now. What holds for Book of Judges holds full-well for Book of Jude. Ruth to Romans. Chronicles to Corinthians. Exodus to Acts. David’s poetisms in the Psalms to Paul’s apostolisms in the Epistles. God personally saw to it through His personal agents THAT Scripture was written and WHAT and HOW it is written. Flawlessly error-free by the Holy Spirit through handpicked handwriters. (Joshua 21:2 ‘The Lord commanded through the hand of Moses.’ 

Gal. 6:11 ‘See what large letters I write to you with my own hand.’) To paraphrase the Lord, ‘He is not God of the dead but of the living, for to Him all are alive’. What Jesus spoke of human souls like the Patriarchs is also true of the Scripture’s living pages through which God Himself still speaks permanently and perpetually. From Alpha to Omega.

In the beginning to Amen. Sola Scriptura. Omni Satis Scriptura. Extra Verbum Dei Nulla Salus.

*1Cor.15:1-4,54 ‘I remind you of the Gospel that I preached to you which you received and on which you stand, by which also you are saved if you keep hold of that message I preached to you unless you have believed in vain. For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received – that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that he was buried, and that he resurrected the third day according to the Scriptures..’   ‘(at the last trumpet when the dead shall be resurrected to immortality following the pattern of Christ Himself), then the word which is written will come about – ‘Death is swallowed up in victory.’ What is Apostle Paul’s source and basis for the saving Gospel? ‘According to the Scriptures’. Period. Plus or minus nothing. The original received preached salvation Gospel message is 100% no more no less than ‘according to the Scriptures.’  Christ came, lived, died, was buried and resurrected all ‘according to the Scriptures.’ Sola Scriptura. If that wasn’t enough for Paul and his Corinthian audience, v. 54 emphasizes that believers’ resurrection is equally sourced and based on the same heavenly authority: ‘the word which is written’. Paul mentions and appeals to no other source, authority, tradition, witness, testimony, support.

Scripture, only Scripture and nothing but God’s word which is written (Holy Prophetic Book of God – Isaiah 25:8). Paul’s (thus Christ’s whom Paul served) principle by example is: looking backward – Prophetic Scripture; looking forward – Apostolic Scripture. No other source is ‘Christauthorized’ proven by resurrecting Gospel power.

Prophets (Old Textament) and Apostles (New Textament) are a perfect match with only each other, nothing else on earth.

*”As per the Scriptures” grants Christ’s Paradise; claims outside “It Is Written” won’t suffice.

*Christ-given Scriptures are more than enough; all other scripts are someone else’s bluff.

*The Bible was conceived, commissioned and charged (enjoined and energized) by Heaven’s Lord. It was crafted, composed and colloquialized by autobiographic authors.

God-Spirited manuscriptured.

*As the living incarnate Word of the Lord, everything Jesus said from when He could first speak was God’s Word in human form. Being limitlessly filled with the Spirit from conception, and publicly anointed by the Spirit at His baptism, every word He spoke was Theopneustos: God-Spiriting/Breathing. Scripture records God’s sufficient selection to be permanently perfectly preserved as everlasting witness of heaven showing and telling us errorfree revealed truth undiscoverable by men.

By extension, everything He spoke by the same Spirit through His Pentecost-anointed apostles and prophets and evangelists selectively recorded in Scripture is identical in quality, value and heavenly authority. Christopneustos – Christorhema – Christologos – Christapocalypsis – Christevangelion – Christographe Render the Bible’s original intended Message and Meaning and thus faithfully relay God’s Very Word as a subconduit of Heaven’s ApostoloProphetic Truth.

Get Scripture’s Meant Message and what it will still mean.

*Tree of knowledge of good and evil is holy source of good and evil’s mastery. Knowledge in Hebrew is getting to the bottom of, finding out, owning, full appropriating, being lord over, complete realizing, laying claim as yours, utter awareness, say-so from know-so, complete consciousness, supreme dominance, ruling the rules, acting absolute authority over, marking the boundaries, setting the standards, mandating laws, imposing will, obligating subordinates, showing who’s boss, pulling rank, giving orders. The tree was heaven’s sovereign territory embassy sacred and inviolable and forbidden off-limit so earthlings. Any violation or breach or trespass punishable by death. Mystery wisdom reserved to God alone about what constitutes good or not. Creator alone owns Truth’s transmission, commands its commission, grants lawbound permission. Creatures owe submission without exception or transgression.

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