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Evangelogy: Study of the Eternal Saving Gospel

Jesus says, “I Am the Bright Morning Star.” Christ is the Dawning of Eternity! His Gospel Glory makes all things new, giving all true believers a fresh restart in life.

The Gospel is God’s idea, not manmade whatsoever. It is Top-Down, never bottom-up.

God chose to reveal his Gospel in his Holy Bible. That is the original, primary and infallible source. All claimed gospels must exactly coincide and correspond with Scripture’s authorized version.

God arranged for his Son Jesus Christ to exclusively perform, execute, carry out and completely accomplish his Gospel once for all. Holy Week @33 A.D. (Good Friday to Easter Sunday) is a permanent, settled historic fact. It is the ultimate decisive absolute supreme D-Day Liberation of all human history.

God determined that every sinfully disobedient mortal human being without exception requires the mercy gift of sheer undue grace to be saved from hell-perishing.

The only God-guaranteed way for anyone to claim the greatest Godsend ever known or imagined is Jesus-trusting. Period. No more. No less.

Whoever truly trusts the Bible Jesus of Holy Week has Gospelife just as they trust the air they breathe to give them life. Period. No more. No less.

By way of parable, the Bible is God’s SCEBA tank (Self Contained Eternal Breathing Apparatus). Just as a scuba tank is needed to enter the sea’s domain, so God’s SCEBA tank is the only way to enjoy God’s Domain. The Bible has God’s perfect mixture of breathable gases in symmetric proportion to give and sustain eternalife.

The Gospel in the Bible is the unique spiritual essence of Heavengen which surpasses natural oxygen or nitrogen in supporting breathable lifeforms.

Every time the BibleGospel is opened, read, pondered, spoken, sung, shared, written and conveyed, the aroma of the Lord, the BreathSpirit of the Lifegiving God breezes forth. For those saved, it is the aroma of eternalife Gospelife. For those perishing, it is the hardening stiffening judging agent that seals rejecters’ doom.

Either spiritual bends (blood fizzing, lungs bursting) or spiritual euphoria. Perdition or Paradise. Hell or Heaven.

God’s only way to be saved from condemned perishing is by Jesus-breathing: Inhaling Gospel Heavengen as your sole soul spiritual air supply. Once you inhale Jesus for the first time, you share heavenlife, gospelife, eternalife. It is now permeating your entire spiritual system and soul-stream down to every cell of your being.

Keep inhaling, keep breathing, keep taking in Holy Week’s Heavengen as it transforms your entire natural self to supernatural by Christ’s own resurrection life of God’s Spirit’s saving and sustaining power renewing and revitalizing your regenerated person.

Let faith fruition. Let belief build. Let dependence deepen. Let reliance resurge. Let trust triumph over every doubt, fear, and temptation expecting any peopled-agency to supplement your own personal respiration or insist on being sole supplier of anything equal, above or beyond God’s SCEBA tank or claiming to officially refill it for you as only certified gospel dealer or authorized God-endorsed heavenly factory outlet.


Do you have the pristine original Gospel? How can anyone know for certain they have the Gospel Gospel? Unfiltered vs. Infiltrated?

There are really two and only two sources that billions of people have used to discover the Gospel:  Bibles and churches.

The Bible is the only God-given supernatural original pristine body of heaven-revealed messaging which exclusively contains the unfiltered pure whole Gospel essence.

JudgeChrist condemned to decondemn the criminally judged. A real saved Christian is any death-row sin convict who willingly in spirit and truth accepts the Resurrected Judge’s full pardon stay of eternal execution.

This verbal breaking news alert of the Lord’s life-giving truth must be personally received by Jesus-trust as a new birthing that results in breathing healthy delivery.

Since a newborn baby is just as alive and fully delivered as an adult or someone on their deathbed when you were reborn at some point in your past, are you now just as eternally alive in Christ and fully delivered as Paul or Peter or any prominent saved justified person past or present?

Churches claim to properly truly interpret and report the Gospel news without bias or spin or slant or agenda. Just the facts. That’s the way it is. Amen.

Some churches claim to be as pristine as the Bible itself. Others claim that centuries of investigative reporting enable their news gathering, editing, processing and delivery to be as close to pristine and organic with least (in)filtration as humanly possible. Thousands of respected authoritative reporters past and present act as a repository of constitutional checks and balances to ensure most accurate Gospel news transmission, broadcasting and reporting to world audiences.

What is your Gospel news agency outlet? What is your surely reliable media channel to be properly informed and transformed to make eternal difference in your life?

The Gospel found in the Bible is the news AND the news source. The church is merely the media that reports on it.

In order to best ‘trust but verify’ your facts and sources, which would you seek out first and foremost as ultimately decisive: Bibles or churches?

Most rely on their church(es) of and by themselves as peopled media agency to inform them about God’s Gospel news report and what it means for them.

Relatively few rely on the Bible of and by itself as pristine news and original authoritative source.

Could it be that like ancient Israel who thought as God’s chosen covenant people they would automatically join Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in resurrection’s life hereafter (duly by birthright status), most professing churchgoers in religious Christendom assume they will enjoy Daniel’s and Christ’s everlasting life avoiding shame and everlasting contempt? In Elijah’s time, the Lord declared that only 7,000 were personally heaven-reserved/preserved as true God-trusters. What would he say to churches and churchgoers today? Out of the 2 billion professing churchgoers, what minority (5-10%) portion of millions are actually personally heaven-reserved/preserved as true Jesus-trusters? Who has really been Gospeled into Christ’s Kingdom as of right this moment (unduly by rebirthright gratis)?

If you stake your eternity on the Bible itself, you can have the Gospel Gospel. But it is the narrow way of minority portion among all churches and churchgoers. Saved instantly once for all by Undue Gratis like Bartimaeus or Zacchaeus or Mary Magdalene.

If you stake your eternity on churches, you may not have the Gospel Gospel at all. Just a peopled-agency’s media outlet version of what they claim is Gospel news backed up by what the officials and leaders say the Bible says. They claim it is the wide broad way of majority portion among their church(es) exclusive of all other churches.

Hopefully being saved constantly over and over increasingly by Due Status like Pharisees or Judaizers or Ancientists or Syncretist Synegizers or Sacramentists or Churchians.

Since Jesus Himself will judge you by His Bible by yourself apart from any church affiliation, you must now judge for yourself which way you are on: Bible Gospel (narrow minority) or church gospel (wide broad majority). You will be judged by your Bible-adherence of Christ-reliance, not your church-adherence of christianics compliance.


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