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How Enough is Jesus? How Enough is Faith in Jesus?

The only Bible way to get eternal life now and enter heaven when you die is you must be Lifeguarded. Hostage Rescued. Ransomed. Prisoner Exchanged. Doctor Cured. Sponsored. Security Cleared. Nominated and Confirmed by Highest Authority. Credit Report Checked. Resume & Track Record Vetted.

What candidates come to mind who would qualify as the ultimate superhero to save people hopelessly doomed? The holiest most devout religious person the majority of the world would claim? The bravest soldier or courageous special ops warrior? The wisest most brilliant philosopher? The most respected successful political, military, business leader or famous historic figure of greatest long-lasting global influence over mankind?

How does Jesus Christ stack up when it comes to rating the greatest person ever to walk our planet? Why is he called Lord Savior? Who else makes this claim among the Top Ten world personages of all time?

When such a superhero comes to the rescue, how much faith is enough to be saved? When you watch a Superman or Avengers movie, what do victims, the helpless people in dire trouble, those facing certain death do to ready themselves to be delivered? When they see the hero in costume arrive on the scene, what performance level or criteria for savability or applying of belief is required to qualify for superhero rescue? Isn’t it pretty much the same for everyone, just one thing? “Help me! Save me! I need you desperately right now! There’s not a moment to lose! Now would be a good time! Hurry! All is lost without you!”

  • There is no other superhero who can really save your soul. Just Jesus.
  • There is no other Lord Savior from heaven who came down to planet earth to rescue sinners. Just Jesus.
  • There is no one else who could qualify handpicked by God himself to be our prisoner exchange satisfying heaven’s justice. Just Jesus.
  • There is nothing else but trusting Jesus that makes God’s saving gift of eternal life our own. Just Jesus-Trust.
  • There is no other official historic written God-sanctioned source of guaranteed gospel truth that has full potency to save believers. Just the Bible.
  • There is nothing anyone can do or perform in their lifetime to maximize, fulfill, complete, supplement, reapply, activate, contribute or co-operate to facilitate or make all God has done Top-Down more effective or refill the prescription or reapply the treatment or maintain the healing therapy process.
  • You either have full-on eternal life right now, or not. You have full coverage sin forgiveness right now, or not. You now have enough Jesus and Jesus enough, or not. 

How much more air do you need to breathe? How much more life do you require to live?

Jesus-Trust in the Bible-Jesus of the Jesus-Bible is more than enough to breathe, survive, live, thrive. Even God himself has no more to offer, no more to give.

“This is the absolute guarantee: God has already provided us gifted eternal life in his Son Jesus. Whoever has the Son of God has (eternal) life. Whoever does not have the Son (Jesus-Trust) does not have it.” Do you have enough Jesus? Do you have Jesus enough?

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