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Does the Bible have Mistakes?

  • If the Bible, in fact, has mistakes…then it is part wrong.
  • If the Bible is part wrong…then it is not entirely correct.
  • If the Bible is partially incorrect…then it cannot be equated to God’s Word.
  • If the Bible is not just purely God’s Word…then it includes something merely manmade corrupted by sin.
  • If the Bible includes merely manmade material along with heavenly material…then doubt is cast on its full reliability.
  • If the Bible contains doubt as to full reliability…then it is not absolutely true.
  • If the Bible is not absolutely true cover to cover, verse for verse, word for word…who decides which parts are absolutely false vs. otherwise partly, mostly, fully God-given believable?
  • If the Bible includes absolute falsehoods…then it is not Holy ScriptSure but Sinful (forgiven?) Script(un)sure.
  • If the Bible is not Holy Scripture…then it is no better than a forgiven fallen ungodly sinner – simul Justus et peccator (by omission or commission).
  • If the Bible is not completely perfectly 100% justified (externally endorsed as righteous) and sanctified (internally endowed with righteousness)… then it is fallible, errant, faulty, flawed, imperfect, impure, unrighteous, untrue, unreliable, unworthy, unholy, sinful to a noticeable (x)% degree of uncertainty.
  • If all this is so, and worse still…then the Bible at best is man’s words about God vs. God’s words about God. The Bible falls short of the Glory of God.

At best it is analogous to a righteous person, not remotely comparable to ChristJesus Himself or even a holy angel of heaven.

For example, Genesis 1 and any text of Scripture can have a man say secondhand, ‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…and the Spirit of God hovered over the waters… And God said, ‘Let there be light’, and there was light.’ (which may or may not be so in whole or part – maybe? likely? probably?)

But a possibly false Bible can’t have it say firsthand, ‘In the beginning I the Lord God created…My Spirit hovered over the waters…And I said, ‘Let there be light’.

(Guaranteed God-certified as absolute utter factual truth – definitely, surely, certainly, AMEN!)

A partly false Bible can’t be validated by faith in potentially unreliable firsthand eyewitness testimony (fallible imperfect patriarchs, prophets, kings, apostles, disciples) other than God Himself as Omnipresent perfect eyewitness at every biblical event in every verse! – if allowable as a given certainty; or secondhand oral sourced material (Moses’ family/ancestral history from his parents, their parents, back to patriarchs, back to Adam/Eve to compile Genesis 1-50; Luke interviewing Mary, James brother of Jesus, Cleopas, Ananias, Barnabas(?), Philip(?), JohnMark(?), Peter & John(?) etc. plus being eyewitness travelogue companion of Paul, Timothy & associates).

Where is Jesus’ Holy Spirit to grant perfect total recall of direct quotes, conversations, related events of apostles forward and JohnBaptist backward to Moses?

If the Bible is Holy Scripture = God’s Word(s) in human language, then it is Unmistakably True as Unmistakable Truth. Period. Settled. Amen.

100% of its claims from Genesis to Revelation sans exception are absolutely right corresponding with reality as Heaven’s Official Position on God’s eternal terms whether understood, reconciled, harmonized or agreeing with mortal finite terms, standards of expectations or not. Not anti-reason, but ultra-reason.

What God has written, God has written in Christ-the-LogosWord by the Holy Spirit once for all and cannot be annulled, altered, fixed, or subject to refutation or faultability as correctible or ever found unkept like an unfaithful broken vow in the whole or any part.

By way of analogy or metaphor, the Bible is an alien transmission from beyond – TopDown, not BottomUp and must be read & interpreted as such.

As God’s Word, it is ultimately His words and wording, which speaks primarily of Christ the Word of the Lord incarnate, composed directly by the Holy Spirit through the agency of God-picked authors from Prophet Moses to Apostle John, even Jesus Himself quoted word for word in essential excerpts!

It can be thought of as the language/speech of Heavenese translated into earthling. Though clearly understandable in the main plain refrain elements (vast majority of the text), still requires Holy Spirit gifted illumination and insight and intuition to correctly interpret in its own heavenly terms translated into human speech. God communicates personally through the entire Bible, in whole and part. Ideal interpretive method should be TopDown vs. BottomUp and InsideOut (exegetic extraction of only and all that is actually syntexted) vs. OutsideIn (eisegetic insertion of coequal or superior extratextual governance) to arrive at the Bible as God’s Word on His and Its authoritative authentic terms vs. ours.

Triunely sealed through heaven-chosen earthly agents without compromising its perfection of holiness as sunlight filtered through impure air.

The Light waves/signals of Holy Scripture retain pure otherworldly nature/essence while transmitted through earthen ether. Perfect message perfectly flawlessly transmitted through imperfect medium to imperfect receivers. Christ the Son of God as Word of the Lord is the Ultimate Communicator.

The Bible is a perfect product of God the Perfect Author through imperfect human authors.

Mystery Miracle – God is able to make broken clocks right 24 hours a day thru Holy Spirited Theopneustos Word-of-the-Lord propulsion (heavenly wind in earthly sails) when normally broken clocks are at best right only twice a day.

Our choice:  Stand in Doubt and Faultfinding, or Stand in Awe and Trembling!

Holy Scripture is beneficial God-breathing/exhaling His Word of the LORD lively and actively being spoken from His own mouth through every word written by all Bible authors received as they were conscripted-propelled-enjoined-directed-instructed-authorized-subscribed-conveyed-invested by the Holy Spirit, and God vouched-rendered-deemed-endorsed-heavened it as righteousness. It is a live grammatic organism animated by God’s Spirit thru each and every piece of speech.

Abraham (we) believed God who thereby takes/receives/welcomes us as righteous reckoning the ungodly/unrighteous with God’s kind of righteousness vs. our own.

If inerrancy is surrendered or qualified or redefined – i.e. denied in some way, shape or form – to a mistaken or mistakable Bible, then along with it is jettisoned Sola Scriptura. If not in theory, then in practice some supplement or corrective or mistake-management authority source will be appealed to as minder or backup to handle the cognitive dissonance with unresolved(able) textual conflicts confronting the mind, heart, and will of every Bible reader.

Much like Book of Mormon as co-scripture with the Bible, pseudo/quasi-evangelicals require and rely on a ‘Para-bible’ or ‘Auxilla Scriptura’ auxiliary method of equal or greater validity/authentication to compensate for, identify and resolve current and future perceived mistakenness in the stand alone Bible, which no longer is qualified or allowed to stand alone in any meaningful Sola Scriptura sense. Extra- or Supra-biblical say-so governs this auxiliary hermeneutic or interpretive norm, whether formal or informal, witting or unwitting, canonized or noncanonized, but just as core default necessitated by doctrine/faith of Errancy. 

The LORD speaks to Job out of the stormy whirlwind: ‘Who is this that darkens My Counsel with words lacking any wisdom? Brace yourself like a grownup: I shall question you for a change, and you shall (stop always with your questioning/doubting/challenging) answer to Me!’

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