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Deadly Heresies Fulfilling Revelation 22:18 – Plagues of Deception on Malicious Bible Distorting

  • Hey, Everybody! God loves you! He always has and always will!
  • My God is not angry, wrathful, vengeful or violent. He is loving and good and kind and wouldn’t hurt or destroy anybody.
  • Jesus is my personal life coach and role model in this life for accruing bonus mileage points toward the afterlife, not a sacrificial substitute for my crimes against God.
  • Heaven is permanent perpetual paradise, but hell cannot be permanent perpetual perdition.
  • Justification is by sanctification, Pardon is by Parole/Probation, Soul healing is by healthy spiritual living, God’s full grace must be applied by faith working through love, salvation is not by keeping Moses’ ten commandment laws, but by following Jesus’ sermon on the mount kingdom ethics and virtues to our best ability with God’s help.
  • The Gospel recovered by the Reformation 500 years ago was invented by disgruntled ex-Catholics turned Protestants who started a whole new church, whose set of beliefs was essentially foreign to Christianity before 1517. There were no saved evangelical believers who knew and believed this novel gospel of Wittenberg and Geneva before Luther and Calvin came up with their anti-orthodox anti-Roman faith system.
  • This Reformation Protestant Evangelical Gospel is simply too exclusive, ruling out the Eastern Orthodox and Roman (and other expressions of Christianity) gospels.

It is not only wrong but intolerant, harsh, negative, toxic, a turn-off to most people and a stumbling block hindrance to seekers and sincere followers of other faiths.

As such, it needs to be ‘healed’, toned down, broadened for greater appeal, upgraded and updated for modern audiences to be more winsome and less repulsive.

If we must choose between Paul or Jesus, Jesus’ message in the Gospels wins out over the Epistles. “The Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe the Good News” as mainly unpacked in the Sermon on the Mount is really all the church needs to be God’s agents of global transformation / reconciliation one caring person at a time.


  • Truth matters, but life matters more.
  • What is desperately needed for church unity among all God’s people in today’s world is Mere Christianity: The Apostle’s Creed, The Nicene Creed, the Lord’s Prayer and following the Golden Rule of loving God and each other to heal the planet, society, culture, religion and to enable everybody to fulfill God’s destiny of all made in His image to be fully human as originally created in the beginning. The Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of believers in Jesus’ Name expressed in sincere faith and love.
  • The Holy Bible is mostly true in what it was designed by God to accomplish, as far as it goes. But it doesn’t quite go far enough. We need more revealed truth than a Bible.
  • The Old Testament interprets the New Testament. Moses and the Prophets reveal the hidden mystery, secrets, context and true meaning of what Jesus and the Apostles were getting at. Only a proper Hebrew mindset and perspective can unlock the Greek languaged Roman Empire Gentile-enculturated New Testament.

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