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Comforting Spirit of God

The Holy Spirit is our closest Friend. He is power endower, onboard personal navigator, resident life coach, perpetual encourager, sin restrainer. This full-on Person of God enables the believer to have complete capacity to daily crucify self and rise to resurrection Christ-in-me, emptying of earth filling with heaven, less skin more spirit, less unholy more holy, less me more Jesus, less discontent more repent, less ungrateful more thankful, less evil more righteous, less pride more humility, less selfish more selfless, less comfortable more sacrificial.

The Spirit of God is heaven’s full, complete, life-transforming love vitally resident in every Christ-follower. God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit who has been given to believers. He is way more than God’s sentiment, kind intentions, emotional affection for us. God’s Spirit is His personal passionate Presence residing long-term in our inner being.

God’s Spirit testifies to our spirit within us that we are children of God born of Him by faith in Jesus.

Just as the Spirit of God’s glory hovered over the waters during Genesis Creation on Day 1, and later inhabited the tabernacle tent of meeting during the Hebrew Exodus, and still later filled Solomon’s Temple with majestic heavenly Shekinah Glory, now after Pentecost the Holy Spirit of God is poured out into the inmost lives of Christians as individual portable temples of the Lord.

Not only is this Person of full-on Supreme Being a Spirit, He is Holy. He manifests and projects all of God’s utter holiness. Perfection, sinless goodness, complete otherness from His creation in character qualities and attributes. There is none and nothing like Holy God. Distinct, separate and uniquely His Own Self with no comparison or competition. Idols and imitation deities or manmade gods are strictly forbidden in His Infinite Eternal Presence. Including within any human soul who would presume to bow the knee of worship to anyone or anything not as Holy as Himself. The Holiest One tolerates no substitutes or stand-ins to represent His Holiness. No mere mortal dare allow himself to be called what God Almighty alone is entitled to.

Anyone claiming this God as their God must also claim Jesus the Lord as God’s Son. No one can claim Jesus Christ is Lord unless prompted willingly by the Holy Spirit of God. Anybody with the Holy Spirit residing within cannot help but acclaim Jesus in all they say and do.

God commands and invites true believers: Be holy as I am Holy. That is, be very very different from the world and closer and closer to heaven in mindset, attitude, thinking, behavior, love, demeanor, taste and appetites, priorities and decisions, loyalties and attachments.

Keep being filled up to overflowing with God’s Holy Spirit in nearness and dearness to Jesus.

Your Abba Father desires to pour out his Personal Spirit of Love into your heart in fullest measure. Jesus the Son of God made this precious, life transforming, amazing gift of heavenly anointing realized by his glorification at his Father’s Right Hand of Majesty. Ask the Lord today to overflow you with the Comforting, Encouraging, Empowering, Assuring presence of God’s Spirit.

This renewable blessing is a prayer promise! If you are a Spirit-born child of God, grow into a Spirit-bold disciple of love, faith, hope, Gospel-wisdom and compassion for those in need of your Spirit-led ministry and service. Be God’s pipe and channel, not a bucket or tank. Don’t be the  Dead Sea where everything drains to a salty, brackish, lifeless dead end. Be the Sea of Galilee where the life-giving Jordan River flows into the top and flows out the bottom blessing countless others. God’s abundant Spirit wants to pour into you so grace can flow through you and refresh all around you in Jesus’ Name!

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