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Canon Self-Authenticating: Sola Canonica vs. Sola Ecclesia

Canon Self-Authenticating: Sola Canonica vs. Sola Ecclesia. Stake your Eternal Life on Bible and nothing but Bible so help you, God!

*The Canon of Scripture is self-authenticating. The 66 books, each and all, require no outside authority for validation or vindication.

Just as Christ is the Word of God in Flesh of Himself, so Canon is Word of God in Print/Text of Itself.

No external measure or arbiter is needed to establish its supremacy. No mortal agency, institution including church or churches, pope-priest-pastor individually or in council can speak for the Canon of Scripture. Rather, Canon speaks for the church.

Christ confronted men with the claim: “unless you believe that I AM, you will die in your sins.”

Self-evident self-authenticating Lordship.

Canon confronts men with a similar claim: ‘unless you believe that IT IS, you will die in your sins.’

Self-evident self-authenticating Dominance.

*The Canon of Scripture is self-sufficient and all humanity will be held accountable when the Lord asks on Judgment Day, “So, what did you do with My Book?”

Christ challenged the self-righteous person who was seeking to gain eternal life through being good to God enough.

Luke 10 Parable of Good Samaritan – “A man came to Jesus asking him “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus answered, “What is written in the Law? How do you read it?” He replied, “Love the Lord your God completely and your neighbor as yourself.” Jesus responded, “You have answered rightly, do this and you will live.” But the man wanted to justify himself so he asked, “And who is my neighbor?” Jesus held him accountable for how he himself read and understood the Holy Scriptures as written and received, not what the Sanhedrin or the Synagogue or Jewish Tradition or the Rabbinic Schools or anyone else read and understood God’s Word.

Christ challenged his skeptical audience with the story of the Rich Man & Lazarus in Luke 16 – the rich man was bargaining with Father Abraham about sparing his still-living brothers on earth so they would not join him in his place of permanent torment. “They have Moses and the Prophets, let them listen to them.”

He disagreed, “No Father Abraham, but if Lazarus goes back to them from the dead and warns them, they will repent.” Abraham’s reply which is Jesus’ lesson to the audience and to us as well, “If they do not hear Moses and the Prophets, they will never be swayed even if someone miraculously rises from the dead.”

We and all the world are accountable for knowing and taking to heart and keeping Moses & Prophets & Jesus & Apostles (doubly compound accountable with completed New Testament on top of Old Testament!!) See Acts 17 where Paul warns all mankind is answerable to God now that Jesus is global credible evidence by his rising publicly from the dead in space-time actual history as real documented empirical eyewitness evidence. God commands and invites all people everywhere to repent before it’s too late like the rich man or the self-righteous religious person following whatever spiritual system trying to make some deity happy.

*Claims may be made by RC or EO (however ‘original church’ may be defined as flowing from Christ & Apostles) establishing NT Canon. Fine.

But what about the establishment of OT Canon BEFORE any church in the post-prophetic pre-apostolic era?

The only answer to the dilemma or discontinuity (did church endorse/approve/establish the OT Canon retroactively?? Not so fine.) is self-evident self-authenticating internal witness confirmed/attested by Christ & Apostles prospectively: Theopneustos Scripture heavenly-revealed to God’s people corporately and individually as mutual corrective (Hebrews 4:12, Rev. 2-3, 22:18-19, et al), dynamic perpetual accountability & reformability to maintain church alignment with Canon not vice versa. Again, error-free Canon speaks for an error-prone church, not the correctable church for the correct correcting Canon.

Sola Scriptura. Sola Canonica. Solo Revelatio. Supremum Solum Evangelium. Only the JesusBible and the BibleJesus. ONLY God’s own Gospel Truth.

NOT Sola Ecclesia, NOT Supremi Sancti, NOT Paribus Traditio. Absolutely NOTHING man-made added to or controlling the Bible’s real-truth meaning.

Do you read your Bible? Do you understand it properly in its intended sense? Do you love the Jesus Christ of the Bible? Are you saved by the Gospel of the Bible?


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