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Anti-Gospel Anathemas of Today

Does your church control, qualify, change, conditionalize or charge cost to you or expect compliance activity from you to inherit the gratis gift of the Saving Gospel? 

Is anything added to “just the Cross + Resurrection of Jesus exclusively of itself = Full Payment for Your Sins”?

Is anything expected of you beyond “just your Jesus-trusting reliance exclusively on Himself by yourself in God’s Spirit = Full Receipt and Application of the Saving Gospel”?

Here are dangerous ways your church or faith system often rob you of personally applying and enjoying the true reality of Christ’s Gospel of Eternal Life (Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical, any church claiming to be Christian):

**You must go beyond the Bible to get the whole Gospel in full completeness. Other holy texts, writings, authorities, church leaders, saints, scholars are like inspired menus that shape and serve God’s pure organic nourishing truth ingredients and recipes for our consumption. Fresh from farm to table is inaccessible to ordinary people without middleman providers delivering the Lord’s health benefits to the hungry soul.

A Bible by itself cannot give anybody the entire content of how to be sin-forgiven, saved and justified in God’s sight. Some church or religious agent is needed to broker proper arrangements with the Lord.

**You must go exclusively through your church which alone can properly dispense Christ’s Gospel. People can only be saved if everything is mediated through an official church representative, without which there is no validity or authority to save or forgive or de-condemn anybody. Only the church can give anyone security clearance to access God Himself via Jesus Himself. You must work your way up the chain of command (pastors, priests, saints, angels, holy figures, icons, rituals, ceremonies, liturgies, recitations, creeds, prayers, donations, offerings, holy observances, days, feasts, calendars, masses, fasts, personal righteous efforts and activities) to accumulate “bonus mileage credit points”. Only then can you finally hopefully eventually reach justified forgiven saved heaven-worthy status approved by God sanctioned by Christ activated by the Holy Spirit combined with complete personal responsibility to attain (theosis, God-sharing, divine actualization, justification, beatification, blessedness, eternal life, post-purgatory rehab treatment toward holy eligibility for entrance into God’s Kingdom).

**You must constantly and obediently partake in church sacraments to validly and savingly apply Christ’s Gospel, the more frequently and most earnestly the better to build and accrue assurance of saving acceptance by God. The Gospel of Jesus is only free-floating oxygen and is unusable by the body unless the sacraments act as lungs and organs to inhale and process God’s Grace as earthly channels from heaven enabling any benefit to be transfused/transferred divinely to your personal life.

Sacraments actually really truly save you the same way that blood transfusion or surgery or medicine cures and heals and restores. Of course, it is the doctor who acts as saver of the patient by diagnosing, operating, prescribing and injecting you with help from nurses and aides under hospital orders for your care and treatment.

Of course, it is Jesus the Great Physician and Miracle Healer and Prayer Answerer and Lover of your soul that is Saver and Savior. But he uses sacraments as his divine instruments and methods and treatment protocol to deliver his salvation to your soul every time you partake of sacred rites under his church’s directives.

**You must “pay as you go”, “pay off your mortgage/credit debts/charge account,” “pay your tuition/student loans,” “pay your fair share,” “put down earnest money or sweat-equity,” “have skin in the game,” “ante up to get in the game and stay in play with chips/bets to reserve and preserve your stake in God’s pot.” 1%. 2%. 10%. x% as your church requires every Sunday or every mass or every service or every holy day or every special occasion. Every opportunity to contribute your church-decided portion of responsibility toward Christ’s Gospel to be fully and finally saved forgiven justified made right with God when you die and on Judgment Day.

Christ’s points on the cross count the most of course, but your points add up also and are included as a co-essential factor in tallying your ultimate salvation quotient quota by Grace through Faith.

**You can at any given moment lose, forfeit, deactivate, lapse or nullify being justified (as relationally acceptable to God in Christ) by a negative action or failure to perform positive activities or not conforming to your church’s standards of conduct or satisfying its belief system compliance. Christ’s justifying saving Gospel Grace is conditioned by an expiration date contingent on the quality or quantity of your behaving or believing so far as it depends on your efforts to maintain church-mandated requirements.

You need to do all in your power with God’s help to keep Grace going. Unless your faith is loving enough, sacrificial enough, sincere enough, holy enough, righteous performing enough, keeping up your grace point average, you’ll fail to pass and graduate from Christ’s church College Curriculum. Then woefully miss out on the diploma of Paradise or significantly add to the duration or severity of transitional purgatory in the afterlife. Or incur some fine/late fee/penalty/interest/balloon payment/back taxes/punitive assessment in this life for all your evasion or avoidance of God’s perfect will in his law or Christ’s Sermon on the Mount or sins committed numerous in quantity and sinister in nature both knowingly and unawares in ignorance and unbelief.

Just how much is enough belief for how long enough to satisfy Almighty Just God as Judge?


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