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True Gospel instead of Lawspel-Glosspel-Gossiple:

A sinner’s good works or best efforts or self-initiatives are unnecessary and insufficient to get righted before Holy Righteous God in Heaven. What was Jesus of Nazareth’s Gospel? Repent and Believe My Kingly Dominion Good News Broadcast! Nicodemus was informed and put on notice that he needed to repent and be born-all-over by the Holy Spirit. What did MessiahJesus preach to him as God’s power to save his soul? John 3:14-15: “Just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert for those dying of fatal snakebite venom, so I as Son of Man must be lifted up so that whoever trustingly looks to Me will not perish eternally dying but survive eternally living.” 

Once sinners (unholy unsaved God-distanced) are God-converted to saints (saved as holy sacred God-dedicated), it is a miracle transformation from Heaven itself top-down, not bottom-up. As Jesus of Nazareth was conceived by the Holy Spirit, so Jesus-trusters are those reconceived by the same Holy Spirit. Those Jesus-rooted by grace like seed in soil then develop and grow Jesus-fruited as evidence proving the reality of God’s germination in the heart.

Sinners of and in themselves cannot meet any requisite stipulation minimum standard religious requirement pre-qualifiers. No one on their own can have a hand in grace except the dirty empty leprous crippled broken hand reaching to touch the hem of Christ’s robe with any hope of being cured healed rescued cleansed restored saved. Jesus never asked any victim for down payment, deposit, payback, resume, co-pay, eligibility criteria, pre-qualifiers to dispense His mercy and compassion. It was never a matter of how good enough anyone was, but how bad they needed and wanted Christ’s cure. Jesus granted comped gratis no-charge non-merit-based pro-bono miracle windfall Godsend.

True Gospel Sin-forgiveness justifying de-condemning total pardon full adoption marriage wedlock in Christ is always received and kept by Active Faith, NEVER by faith’s activities. Gospel Grace is received DIRECT WHOLE FULL from TriuneGod: Father’s Will & Wise provision and providence, SonJesus’ Word & Winning our freedom, HolySpirit’s Working & Wooing us to repenting trust.

This Free Full Finished Grace is NEVER mediated or channeled or piped or funneled or transfused partially, gradually incrementally, conditionally, cooperatively, conjointly, exclusively through any organization or institution or church or religious activities or rites or sacred traditions or priestly hierarchy. Note the thief on the cross, note terrorist Saul to Apostle Paul. See their pure gracing by pure faithing. God the Gracer, them the faither. Period. True Gospel is Truly received as Believed Unachieved. No earthly sieve or filtration delivery system or processing is required. One on one, Christ to victim, Shepherd to sheep, medicine to patient, Creator to creature, Sovereign to subject.

Personal efforts, good workings, religious duties and mandates, commandment keeping, obligatory observances cannot be preloaded or co-added to True Gospel Grace without ruining it into our gratuity offered for God. This false grace is mere gratifying and ingratiating God when and as we do our part two-say street contribute our fair share, God can be grateful and gracious and generous in response to our priming the pump with our sweat equity.

Good works flowing from a God-converted saved soul are never pre-requirements for True Gospel Salvation, ut are post-requirements that justify the justifying faith that truly lays hold of Christ’s rescue from drowning. Like physical labor and delivery, mom does all the work and baby pops out: Whoosh! First Birthing, then Breathing. Labor is active mothering, delivery is passive babying. Spirit-induced faither reborn in Jesus-trust matures into faithful disciple as Christlike trustworthy. No one can be jet passengered except by piloting and aerodynamic propulsion. Passengers are passive, only the jetting is active. Resurrecting is passive for the corpse. True Gospel Grace is passive for the recipient. 

Paul preaches: “I am not ashamed of the Gospel which is God’s power for salvation for all believers, Jew and Gentile. For in the Gospel, God’s righteousness (saving from judgment, full satisfaction of justice via mercy, decondemning pardoned criminals by the substitute satisfaction of Christ death-penalized in our place) is revealed by faith for believing as it is written: The righteous adjusted person will have eternally living by faith of itself, period.”

The Reformation historically happened on October 31, 1517. It has blessedly continued now for 500 years. If you are a true Christian today, the Reformation was one of God’s huge contributing factors in getting the BibleGospel to you and getting you a GospelBible you can read in your own language. But it didn’t arise from a vacuum.

It had its origins much earlier.

The Reformation had its spiritual heavenly beginnings in the Book of Revelation. Primarily the Seven Letters to the Churches. Before Martin Luther posted his 95 assertions in the public square, before John Calvin, eveloped his Institutes for the Christian Religion, Jesus Christ as Angel of the LORD revealed Himself and His Everlasting Gospel to Seven Churches for the World. His mission and mandate was an echo of how the Lord began His ministry: The Kingdom of God is right here right now before your very eyes. Repent and believe My Gospel Good News! Jesus in Revelation, like Luther and Calvin by God’s leading, called the church to Repentance, true Reformation back to the JesusGospel from the GospelJesus.

It is the true saving exclusive Gospel of SolaGratia SolaFide in SolaScriptura that unifies Christ’s TrueChurch. Everyone right now on the planet who by JesusTrustPeriod NothingElseAtAll is born again of the Holy Spirit in God’s Kingdom of GraceAlone Salvation Believed-not-Achieved has already fulfilled Christ’s prayer in John 17: that they may be one (in Spirit and Truth). No artificial merging of denoms or mere churchianity lowest common leveling of widening the tent or redefining essential elements of Saving Christian Gospel will ever please the Lord of His One Church. Jesus is and has been building His Church. He knows those who are His. They are already One in Him through FaithAlone in ChristAlone per HolySpiritAlone by GraceAlone in JesusBible of the BibleJesus. One Gospel Alone = One Church Alone.

Jesus challenged his opposers: John’s baptism – was it from Heaven or from men? True Jesus-followers ask ecumenist mere churchianity reunifiers: The Reformation – was it from Heaven or from men? Your answer, like Jesus’ audience, will determine where your ultimate believable authority lies and what Gospel (or lawspel or glosspel or gossiple?) will actually eternally extrinsically empirically exclusively effortlessly save you.

People by nature have always wanted to be saved, made right with God, receive spiritual security, find religious life, meaning and higher purpose – all at the hand and by the holy agency of upper insiders, religious specialist professionals. But the Bible turns all this on its head, even for hundreds of millions of churchgoers. No one is ever saved, made right with God, receives spiritual security, finds true religious life, meaning, highest purpose through religious spiritual institutional professional practitioners.

A supremely sanctioned salvational sacramental synthetic pseudo-supernatural system of specialized exclusive access to God’s gracings supposedly found nowhere else.

A person is saved by an Amateur. Jesus Christ was not a religious ordained official certified formally educated scholastic ritualized institutional professional practitioner.

We are saved by The Extraordinary Ordinary Amateur Man, Jesus of Nazareth. 

When a criminal defendant is indicted on charges, brought to trial and convicted to capital punishment, one’s resume is irrelevant before the Judge. All that matters at that point in court are the charges, indictment, evidence, case presented, sworn testimony, conviction and death sentence. Period.

When we come before God the Supreme Justice of Judgment as a criminal sinner convicted guilty of breaking Heaven’s laws, not just human laws, all the evidence is against us. We bring nothing to the table to game ourselves out of punishment off the hook. No ante pay to play, no down payment, no bribes, no offering, no payback, no pledge, no promises of better behavior, no restitution, no settlement, no plea bargaining, no negotiating, no making amends, no alibi, no apologies just saying we’re sorry or regret we got caught, no self-production or effort of our own counts. All that counts before Holy God Judge is the evidence convicting us: offenses numerous in quantity and sinister in nature. We have no skin in the game, only sin in the shame. Thus only pure grace and nothing but sheer mercy is any hope. Do you hunger and thirst to be Reformational and certain of Christ’s completed cure for your soul now and foreverlasting? Look only and all to Christ. Bind yourself to Him. Humble yourself like the leper-blind-lame-thief-on-the-cross. Pray to Christ from the heart, I am yours. Save me! Hosanna! Be merciful to me such a sinner! Make me Your treasured precious delighted possession! I do believe and completely trust You, heal my unbelief!

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